"England's best olive oil" as described by the New York magazine, only from my olive groves in central Cyprus



mum and my late father who started
it all in 1950 plus the ruins of the house i was born in

        Cyprus extra virgin olive oil  

Murat du carta's cyprus extra virgin olive oil is produced to organic standards from my groves surrounding the village of Louroujina in central Cyprus 
This olive oil is very special to me as my mother was carrying me when she and my late father planted these trees in 1950.      
This is the 9th year that i have  imported this single estate extra virgin olive oil to the UK and i hope to do so every year as i am extremely proud of its superb quality
 we are now producing an excellent garlic infused olive oil as well as chili infused olive oil, this is done by adding the chilis or garlic at the press

our Cyprus extra virgin olive oil is probably one of the best oils produced from the Cyprus olive tree, very light and ideally suited for salads, it turns a plain boiled potato into a feast

our chili infused extra virgin olive oil is infused with chilli's grown, picked and dried on my farm, it goes extremely well on pasta dishes, as well as making an ideal dipping oil, try it on pizza or salad for that extra kick


our garlic infused extra virgin olive oil is infused with garlic, grown on my farm and pressed at the same time with the olives, it goes extremely well with chicken dishes, drizzle on toast or add some oregano and use as a dipping oil

you can buy my oil at a very reasonable price from my online shop, 

from the same olive groves we produce Cyprus dry cured black olives in the centuries old method used by my ancestors in dry salt, these are small but intensely full flavored olives, i prefer to marinate these in olive oil, red pepper flakes and lemon juice a few hours prior to serving
depending on tnature we collect the olives from october through to november, we take the produce to the press within 24  to 36 hours where myself or members of my family will.sometimes wait throughout the night in order to get my olives pressed
After pressing i bring the oil back to my home and store it in the coolest part of my stone built barn, i leave it stored for 2 months allowing the sediment to settle



Storing olive oil

Olive oil should always be kept in a tightly sealed container away from heat or light exposure. if kept correctly, pure olive oil should have a shelf life of up to 3 years. 
you can refrigerate pure olive oil but prior to using it you must remove it and allow to return to original consistency. 
good oils bought in bulk should be transferred to smaller containers for easy usage.




the great olive oil fraud

read my article on dodgy olive oil and how the general public are being decieved with chemically adjusted and diluted olive oil 

please be assured that my sole aim is to provide pure unblended extra virgin olive oil only from my groves in Cyprus and now also in Turkey,

There are many small producers like myself all over the island of Cyprus who take great pride in what they produce, as well as trying very hard to keep the cost down, our sole aim is to provide you with the genuine item, all we ask is that you continue to support us, so as we can continue to bring you real pure olive oil 




please phone, email or fax me with any inquiries, we are able to deliver anywhere in the uk items up to 10 kgs for £10.00 ups access point only, otherwise £16

 Deliveries to the USA and Canada vary, depending on location but in general a 500 ml bottle would cost in the region of £23, yet if you purchase 12 x 500 ml  bottles the cost is in the region of  £48 a huge saving

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