Black and green olives from our groves in Cyprus and Koycegiz Turkey prepared and cured by members of my family

my brother in law fondly known as axipa, preparing table olives

this man has been a tower of strength to me in managing the farm as well as the building works in Turkey

without him i could not have coped neither in Cyprus or in Turkey

his knowledge and expertise is priceless, from dealing with labor, production, pressing, transportation and administration

there is no way that i would ever be able to repay him for the help and love he has given me and my family



  Louroujinas dry cured black olives

Picked in November through to January black olives are dry cured by my family as they have been for centuries
 when picked the olives are washed and drained and then put into wooden
barrels with layers of salt and sealed, they are then rolled around on a daily basis for a minimum of a week depending on the weather, after which they are opened and tasted on a daily basis


they are ready when most of the bitterness has gone, they are then weighed and packed.
we prepare them for the table by taking out the appropriate amount, washing and draining after which we add olive oil, red pepper flakes and lemon juice, leave for an hour or two before eating


a member of my family who together with his father help look after the olive groves

chakistez are green olives picked in October from our Cyprus groves and cracked
  by hand traditionally by
 the ladies of the family and possibly a few neighbors sitting around in a circle,
 they are then put into containers filled with fresh cold water for a week or less depending on the weather the water is changed daily until the olives lose their bitterness
they are then drained and marinated with dry crushed coriander seeds crushed cloves of garlic and small wedges of lemon, they are then served with olive oil.

olives that have been selected either for
oil or for the table

my nephew Ibrahim and his wife elif
who both work hard to run  the farm


please note that all my olives are picked, prepared, scored and cured by hand